Amber, the ultimate Christmas gift

Amber, the ultimate Christmas gift

Christmas, that magical time when we are merrier, happier and better version of ourselves… Decorating home for the festivities has become a longstanding tradition, but at this special time, we also enjoy the idea of making our personal style more festive: shiny textures, glitzy materials, brighter colors and gleaming accessories enter the wardrobe.

It doesn’t mean acting out of character, though; it’s just that the cold weather and dark evenings combined with the sweet anticipation of Christmas and New Year make us seek warmth, light and coziness, something that we miss the most. We start to pay attention to more sensible forms of luxury, such as extra attention to the close ones. Not only we want to feel the spirit of the time, but also transmit this special feeling it to others. Gifts are undoubtedly the easiest way to do that.

For the magical time of the year, we present “Lucky Christmas” collection, composed of our classic amber bracelets and festive charms: a Christmas wish charm which grants the wearer’s biggest wish (perfect for New Year), a good luck bringing snowflake charm or a delicate star. Silver charms complement the dark bracelet, creating a sophisticated, luxurious feeling. Our special addition to this collection is an amber decorated Christmas tree toy, which comes with several different ribbons: blue, red, burgundy, beige or Lithuanian flag colors.

A beautiful accessory is also a suitable gift for children – our “Bambino” collection invites kids to discover the world of amber with a set of colorful bracelets and necklaces. Baby blue, pink, yellow, orange, cherry… The choice is yours. Color play amuses a curious eye and makes a beautiful contribution to the wardrobe, be it for a small child or an adult.

Amber encapsulates a whole range of special qualities: it offers protection, good energy, quietness and calm, luck and positivity. This is why an amber bracelet or necklace is not only an accessory, it’s more like an amulet that can be kept for generations and never goes out of style.

We wish you the most beautiful winter festivities, full of happy and special moments!